Drafting the patent application

The patent application’s specification and claims

The most critical step in the patenting process is the drafting of the patent application itself. Since the application has a technical component, known as the specification, as well as a legal component, known as the claims, it calls for technical competence as well as legal expertise. Excellent advocacy and writing skills are also essential, because the application document must present your invention in its best light.

While many of the large patent firms employ non-attorney technical writers to draft the patent specification, Mr. Germinario personally writes all of his firm’s patent applications. His emphasis is on making your invention and the argument for its patentability understandable and convincing to the Patent Examiner.

Since the patent claims define the scope of protection afforded your invention, it’s vital that they be broad enough to cover all commercially useful versions of the invention, so that competitors cannot readily “work around” your patent. At the same time, however, the claims should not be written so broadly as to trigger conflicts with the prior art. Mr. Germinario brings nearly three decades of claims drafting experience to bear in providing the maximum patent protection for your invention.

Developing Prototypes and Models

While working prototypes or models of inventions are not required to pursue your patent application, they may be helpful in refining your design or working out technical uncertainties. Moreover, quite often a prototype or model is essential for effective presentations to potential financial backers or licensees of your invention. Mr. Germinario works with a wide network of engineers and technical specialists in various disciplines to produce invention prototypes quickly and affordably.

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