Evaluating patent eligibility and strategy

Identifying your business strategy

As the first step in the patent process, it is important for the inventor and the patent attorney to sit down together and discuss not only the details of the invention itself, but the inventor’s plans and expectations for the invention. From our perspective, getting to know you and your business goals is equally as important as understanding the invention itself, because it allows us to tailor our patent services to your particular needs and objectives.

In this regard, Mr. Germinario brings to bear both his business acumen as former Vice-President General Counsel of a Fortune 500 chemical company, and also his technical expertise as a licensed Professional Engineer. Before committing your resources to the patent process, Mr. Germinario helps you evaluate the potential market for your inventions, as well as identifying any issues of technical feasibility or alternative design approaches.

Determining patent eligibility

After evaluating the commercial and technical practicality of your invention in the context of your business goals, Mr. Germinario determines whether the invention falls into one of the four statutory categories for patent eligibility. Certain things, such as abstract ideas and naturally-occurring materials, are not patentable. It is important, especially in the field of software, to formulate your invention carefully from the outset to avoid a ruling by the Patent Office that it constitutes “non-patentable subject matter.”

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