Client Testimonials

Mr. Germinario has worked with independent inventors and small to mid-sized businesses across industries, including software, chemical, medical devices, construction, manufacturing, HVAC, green technology, and consumer goods. His broad experience has made him a versatile fit for clients of all backgrounds, each with their own specific intellectual property needs.

“I highly recommend Mr. Thomas Germinario as a patent attorney.  His experience and knowledge of the patent process is admirable.  Mr. Germinario takes his work very seriously, and in turn gives you his best effort on all of his tasks.  I have referred many clients to his law practice, as I believe in his work and his character.”
– Ginny Capicchioni – CEO/Owner – Goal Guardians, LLC

“When I started Stormwater Compliance Solutions, LLC, I felt it was critical to create a unique identity for the business.  Once I had the image in mind, Tom was critical in helping me protect that image.  He quickly and successfully got me through the trademark process and now I am confident that the corporate identity will be protected.  I would strongly recommend Tom to anyone who has a vision with value and wants to protect it.”
– Paul Ferriaro, PE, PP, CME, CFM, LEED AP  – Stormwater Compliance Solutions, LLC

“Navigating the patent office was a tough sail, but Tom knew these waters already and his experience took us all down the right path. At times it was as though the patent office was acting on behalf of a third party instead of being professional. But Tom understood our processes well and kept on goading the examiners to see the differences and appreciate the merits of the claim, which had completely escaped the comprehension of these examiners. Tom’s experience helped us to break the standoff through a full understanding of the hierarchy of the patent office and how to take matters out of the wrong hands and place back in the appropriate ones. In the end Tom delivered what he had promised and worked for diligently, intelligently and professionally. I really value his professionalism and his expertise.”
– Sal Harfouch – Lab Manager – Spectra Colors Corp

“After receiving a provisional patent on a new product I realized that to insure the success and future sale of the product, I needed the services of a patent attorney. I contacted Tom Germinario and set up a meeting to discuss my invention. He was very informative, up front with the pros and cons of patents as they apply to new inventions as well as inventors, and provided additional information that I never thought of. I look forward to continuing our work together to see my project to completion. Tom is fair, fees are reasonable, and as far as I am concerned, he is a true asset to my company.”
– William Vanheteren – Owner – Iron Age Metalwork

“When I was searching for a patent attorney, I needed someone who had a vast knowledge of both intellectual property and had the ability to understand highly technological information; Tom’s engineering background along with specializing in intellectual property was a perfect match for the application that I was trying to patent. He was able to explain and document the application so it could be clearly understood by the patent office. I would highly recommend Mr. Tom Germinario.”
– Ed Perez – Former CIO and independent inventor

We have worked with Thomas Germinario on a number of initiatives from trademarking to provisional and utility patents and licensing agreements. As a company founded on steadfast and intuitive engineering, we initially felt confident enough to protect and document our intellectual property internally. However, after meeting with Thomas, even for the first time, it became abundantly clear that his breadth and depth understanding of both engineering and the law was an invaluable resource which could instantly advance our process. Our product development work has increased over the years, and Thomas consistently demonstrates how instrumental his comprehensive services are to our team. In addition to his technical and legal capacity, and perhaps of most significance, Thomas has been and continues to be efficient, effective, and willing to work diligently to preserve our best interests. Because of this, Thomas has earned our trust and we genuinely enjoy working with him.
– Nicholas J. Almerini – Director of Engineering – Dyna-Tech Sales Corporation

“I came to Tom with a provisional patent already in place, but little time left to file for a full patent. Tom looked it over and said he felt that I had very good chance of getting a full patent for my idea. He also suggested that we broaden the description of my invention to encompass any copycat ideas. He very plainly described what it would take to get a patent and what he would do on my behalf, (including filling out the patent application, preliminary patent searches, mechanical drawings and possible appeals to the patent office should the need arise). Tom gave me a quote for his services, which I compared to the most popular online patent services and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was comparable to a few of them and below others. My conversations with Tom put my mind at ease and I fully trusted Tom with his expertise and experience to file my patent for me. My patent went through on our first filing. I don’t believe it would have, if I had taken another path or tried filing on my own.

“I want to say thank you again Tom, for your professional guidance through this major step in getting my idea off to a great start. I have partnered with a company and we have recently started producing product and meeting with potential clients. We will be attending tradeshows before years end and expect it to be in stores by early 2015.”
– Jeff Lubanski

“Part of being a successful entrepreneur is selecting the right professionals to support your business and often includes accountants, consultants and attorneys. Even as seasoned entrepreneurs, we did not have experience with the patent process. Tom’s methodical inquiry and explanation combined with his expertise within the patent system resulted in a smooth process for us and culminated in the approval of two patents with a third one currently pending. We look forward to our continuing work with Tom and would recommend him highly to anyone seeking an experienced Patent Attorney.”
– Ellen Silver – KidsArt Inc.

“I contacted Mr. Germinario in hopes of obtaining a patent on a medical device. I have found Mr. Germinario to be a professional and quite knowledgeable concerning Patent Law.  He is ethical and innovative.  His description of my idea as he presented it to the Patent Office was well thought out and comprehensive.  I am confident under his direction that we will be successful in acquiring a Patent.”
– Thomas Graziano, M.D.

“Tom Germinario is an exemplary patent attorney who blends his extensive patent experience, superior technical knowledge & marketing insight of intellectual property into a solid, enduring patent. As an independent inventor, I sought out to find a seasoned, ethical patent attorney who could assist me in getting my invention to market. Thankfully, I was referred to Tom. He was adept at translating the complex technological processes required to file the patent to me in a manner that was easily understood and crafted it to be fully protected in as broad a range as possible. Tom has provided expert counsel as my patent attorney for the creation of my new start-up company and my first invention. I am grateful for his legal expertise in product development & protection and am certain that his efforts maximize my product’s market potential.

“Tom is professional, trustworthy, enthusiastic, ethical, reasonably priced and a delight to work with – I simply could not have asked for more from a patent attorney. I heartily recommend Tom Germinario for all of your patent needs.”
– Owner & CEO – J’Tea Specialty Products LLC

“Best patent attorney you will find. Tom will make sure that your patent is protected from all angles, what I mean is maximum protection. He will work with you to make the patent application process as smooth as possible. Can’t go wrong with him.”
– Filip Krist

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